How to Rank Fractions from Smallest to Largest?


To rank fractions from smallest to largest, first ensure that they have the same denominator. Once all of them have the same denominator,, it would then be easy to group them from smallest to largest. The fraction can also be changed to decimal and rank them from smallest to largest.
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1. Turn the first fraction into a decimal by dividing the numerator by the denominator. A calculator can be used to make this process easier. As an example, for the fraction 6/10,
This is kind of difficult to explain in one post, but I'll give it a shot. Pretend you have a group of fractions: 1/4, 2/8, 1/2 To organize the fractions from smallest to greatest
The correct order is 1/8, 7/32, 15/64,
1/4= 0.25, 7/25=0.28, 3/10=0.3 Therefore, smallest to largest would be in that order itself, as your question. 1 over 4 < 7 over 25 < 3 over 10
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Numbers are usually put in order from lowest to highest. In fractions they are put in order of smallest to largest. Think of fractions as measurements. ...
1. Use prime factorization to find the least common denominator then solve the fractions 2/15 + 3/21. Find the prime factors of "15": 5 * 3 = 15 so & ...
When putting planets in order from smallest to largest, this can be tricky for someone who may not know a lot about the planets. The smallest planet is Mercury ...
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