How to Identify Frankoma Pottery?


To identify Frankoma pottery you hold the pottery piece to determine the weight, examine the clay itself and the glaze. Observe the overall design; alter the item to look for any stamp and study the bottom or back of the piece for an indented. Frankoma Pottery has got Marks like stamps on either the bottom or back and the word Frankoma on every pottery.
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Instructions. Lift the pottery piece to determine the weight. The clay used in Frankoma pottery is taken from sources close to the pottery kilns. It is a dense, rich, red-colored
Hi, A website called will help you locate a replacement value price. Good luck! You can also search the site of the Frankoma Family Collector's Association at
Go to ebay & see how much its going for there. Or take it to an antique dealer, or look for an antique book at the library. My Mom has tons of it, the only things that are valuable
Pottery mark DDR is Deutsche Demokratische Republik. I found a DDR cute
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