How do you sign up for a free 48-hour Xbox Live trial?


Xbox Live accounts are free to all Xbox One and Xbox 360 users. However, a free 48-hour trial for Xbox Live Gold membership is offered to every user during the initial console setup.

The standard free Xbox Live membership is Silver membership. Silver memberships allow gamers to download games via the Xbox Marketplace and receive automatic updates for all purchased games. Silver members can communicate with other members by using text or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) with a headset. With a Silver membership, tracking your — and your friends' — in-game achievements is also possible.

Gold membership allows for the full online experience that many gamers desire. Online multiplayer gaming is arguably the most popular Gold feature. Other features include unlimited access to Xbox apps, including streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and HBO Go. Select online Xbox games, video chat and Gold member exclusive content are also included with a Gold upgrade.

Each Xbox One and Xbox 360 console comes with three Gold membership trials for three separate accounts. Upon creating the third trial account, users no longer have the option of starting new trials. However, console owners who have exceeded their trial limits can still take advantage of trial weekends that are occasionally held by Microsoft, allowing Silver members to enjoy 48 hours of free Gold membership.

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For free 48 trial codes for Xbox Live try or
You buy games that comes with it. I believe MW2 comes with a 48 hour time card.
According to Xbox, when a player creates a new account, he can only take advantage of the one month free trial once. Xbox tracks the gamertags of each player and prevents people from
haha in games they come with. but for real go to ur gamestop and see if they will give you a 48hr code they usually will or go to your video store that rents games they sometimes
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How to Get a Free 48-Hour Xbox Live Trial
On Xbox Live, you can play games against peers, watch movies through your Netflix account, download new and classic games on the Arcade service, play game demos and more. Many of the titles released for the Xbox 360 include a free two-day trial of the... More »
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