How to Unlock the PUK Code on AT&T?


To unlock the PUK Code on AT&T requires one to log into the account on the AT&T website. Clack the My Services tab and choose My Phone/Device. Expose the Unblock SIM Card link. The page will give you the PUK code and specific instructions on how to enter it into your handset. Halt entering codes as soon as the phone asks for a PUK, if you insist the sim card will be locked permanently.
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1. Log into your account on the AT&T website. 2. Click the "My Services" tab and select "My Phone/Device. 3. Open the "Unblock SIM Card" link. The page
you have to call att customer service. ask for the unlock code. and give them the imei number for your phone. within a couple days you will get the unlock code. but this only works
If you are under contract, AT&T will usually unlock your phone for
I used this site:…. Basically, you just have to sign up for a free trial offer, which you can cancel at any time, such as a Netflix
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