Free Birthday Database?


There are a few websites available where you can search for someones birthday for free. They get their information from government records. Use their complete name for best results.
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1. Open your browser and navigate to the "Zoho Creator" website. Click the "Build Your Own Online Database! button. 2. Fill out the form and click the "Sign Up
I heard of a service once: XeRound. I think they offer a free service of upto 10MB of data, which I think is more than enough for any small sized application. I have never used it
Many restaurants, such as Denny's, will offer a birthday celebrant a free meal on his birthday. Proof of birthday is required. Sometimes a minimum number of people is required on
Here are some free meals on your birthday: ALFY'S PIZZA - free mini pizza. ALL-AMERICAN
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There are various free birthday finders online. A free birthday finder is a simple database of names and matching birthdays. These databases are used by people ...
You can find someone's birthday on the internet by conducting a thorough search at Birth database. In the birth database, you need to enter the persons name and ...
To look up for someone?s birthday for free, it is advisable to try and search on the internet in birthday database websites. The first thing to do is to conduct ...
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