Free Do It Yourself Divorce?


You can get the forms for free do-it-yourself divorce at most libraries. You can also purchase the forms online and major office supply stores. Office Max and Office Depot carry the forms, you then need to file them with the Court House.
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1. Read the divorce regulations for your state. Every state in the United States has its own relegations for divorce. There is a link in the reference section that has the regulations
You can print free divorce papers on divorce websites online. You will still need them to be reviewed and signed by a judge to make it official and legal.
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To protect yourself in a divorce, contact an attorney before your partner officially files divorce papers, get an individual bank account in case you share a bank ...
1. File your petition for divorce with the appropriate court in the county in which you reside. Call your county's clerk of court's office if you are unsure with ...
1. File Appearance and Answer forms if your spouse has already filed the paperwork to start a divorce case in the Illinois court system. In general, under Illinois ...
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