Free Dr Seuss Coloring Pages?


There are a few places where one can find free Dr. Seuss coloring pages. These fun coloring pages can be found at Educational Coloring Pages, Family Crafts, Apples 4 the Teacher, Seussville, and Kids-n-Fun. These locations also offer a wide variety of other free coloring pages.
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This Monday (3/2/09) is Dr Seuss' birthday! Theodore Seuss Giesel was born March 2, 1904 in Springfield, Massachusetts. Celebrate with the kids with these really fun, easy and free
1. DO AN ONLINE SEARCH FOR COLORING PAGES: Open up your internet browser and type in "Free Coloring Pages" A list of websites will come up. View a few of the websites and
It is called 'My Many Colored Days' it was published March 1, 1996,
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