Free Dr Seuss Coloring Pages?


There are a few places where one can find free Dr. Seuss coloring pages. These fun coloring pages can be found at Educational Coloring Pages, Family Crafts, Apples 4 the Teacher, Seussville, and Kids-n-Fun. These locations also offer a wide variety of other free coloring pages.
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I personally thought his favorite colors were red and white because in. almost. all of his books. someone. has a red and white hat.'s_favo...
This Monday (3/2/09) is Dr Seuss' birthday! Theodore Seuss Giesel was born March 2, 1904 in Springfield, Massachusetts. Celebrate with the kids with these really fun, easy and free
1. Browse free coloring page websites like and (see Resources) Both sites feature a variety of Disney characters from classic ones like
It is called 'My Many Colored Days' it was published March 1, 1996,
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