Free Dresden Plate Quilt Instructions and Pattern?


There are a few sources for free Dresden Plate quilt instructions and patterns online. There are also book and quilting magazines which will provide this information. It's a beautiful style of quilt that is quite popular.
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1. Draw a four-sided image on the cardboard that measures 3 inches wide on one edge, 1 inch wide on the opposite edge and 6 inches long. Cut out the cardboard for a plate section
One of the most extensive sources of "free" patterns can be found at The patterns are for individual blocks, but they all show illustrations of the
One of the hardest things to do is visualizing a project through to completion without a pattern model, pictures or instructions. Sometimes just a picture will help inspire your creative
Making a photo quilt is not an easy task. We take the hard work out of it by offering an inexpensive way to create a family photo quilt they will treasure forever.
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