What Are Some Free Sites for Essay Editing?


Free essay editing can be helpful when you are writing essays for school. Paper Rater is a free site for essay editing. You can use the Spell Checker or Grammarly sites to edit an essay free. 
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www.kibin.com. not sure how good it is yet.I just discovered it about 10 minutes ago because I was looking for the same thing : Improvement: Kibin is actually NOT a free site. I should
1. Understand that most people respond best to balanced and constructive criticism. Praise a child just as much or more than you criticize them or point out their errors. Understand
1 In order to find your spelling mistakes, use the spell checker. Also, proofread it, because spell check doesn't catch everything. Ad 2 Print a copy of your essay. For some people
A Free Grammar Checker is currently available online
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