How do I send GRPS settings to my phone?


Get in touch with the customer service subdivision of your mobile phone service provider. Talk to the technical support agent and tell him that you want to trigger GPRS. Specify your username and tell the agent about your particular cell phone model. The customer service agent will then send you the GPRS configurations through SMS. Open the received SMS. The GPRS settings will then automatically update on your cell phone. This service is free all over the world.
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1. Contact the customer service department of your mobile phone service provider. 2. Speak to the technical support representative and tell him that you want to activate GPRS. Provide
The settings are not specific to the device type, they are specific to the service provider that you will be using the device on. You will need to contact that service provider to
GPRS is the abbreviation for General Packet Radio Service, a packet-based
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