Free Guinea Pig Hutch Plans?


Guinea pig hutches are a great way to protect your family pets while also giving them a comfortable environment to eat, sleep, and play. Free guinea pig hutch plans will help you make the perfect hutch for your guinea pigs. There are many places online that offer free plans for you to use. One great website to check out is Burke's Backyard. The plan for a guinea pig hutch featured on the website includes a hutch that has a closed in sleeping area, ventilated exercise run, and tough wire mesh.
Q&A Related to "Free Guinea Pig Hutch Plans?"
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Guinea pigs love to play so have some toys in there even if its just an empty toilet paper roll also pet stores sell igloos that the guinea pigs can sleep in and stuff even though
and inside one for a big one from a pet store could cost from 50-100 depending on how big you wanna go but as far as an outdoor hutch if thats what you mean just build one youself
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