Where can I get free horoscope text messages?


There are many ways to get a free horoscope sent to your phone through text messaging. One way to do it is to text your astrological sign to the number 44636. You will then receive a text back with the information you seek. The search is pretty simple to do and is not case sensitive. The alerts are provided free of charge from 4INFO. AstroSage will do basically the same thing. You can visit their website and click on your sign and have your horoscope sent to you daily through text for free. Charges may appear for text usage.
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Most require you signing up on the net. If you want I can sign you
Step. 1. Start up your phone. Almost all the phone these days have web browsing application. Go to a web and go to your email(Ex. gmail, hotmail, yahoo,etc..) Or go to Email on your
AIM and Yahoo Messenger both allow users to send free text messages using their Messenger service. People can also send free text messages using Skype.
Here are a few iPhone apps that showcase scheduled text messages (listed in alphabetical order) Cronote - Scheduled Messages. Cost: Free. Must register on website. Schedule reminders
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