Free Ladybug Afghan Patterns?


Afghans are large and warm blankets that are crochet. The most popular afghan patterns are waves made with up and down motions but afghans can also be created with images, including ladybug images. Many free patterns are available through the web.
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This pattern is posted at the Red Heart website. The link above takes you to the informational page on their website, where you can download the pattern if you wish.
Hi Lynn, You can find some neat crochet afghan patterns at. Enjoy!
There's nothing more cosy than cuddling up with a soft, warm afghan. If it's homemade you have the warmth, softness ,and the love. How great would it be to able to give an afghan
Whether it be Afghans, Ponchos, Shawls, Scarves or Hats there are plenty of free patterns to be had. Of course when you buy yarn it more than likely will include a free pattern inside
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You can find ladybug applique patterns by going to crochet websites. You can also go to quilting websites. Alternatively, you could attend a course in quilting or crocheting at your local community college.
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