Free Lotto Sweepstakes?


Free Lotto Sweepstakes is pretty shady. There is a scam Email going around using that name, so if you heard about it from an email, it's a scam. However these is a Site called Freelotto as well. They do have the occasional winner, but their service is not free, ergo, they are not 'Genuine' as you put it.
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Here is the website for the 17 nation law enforcement task force that investigates cross border Internet crime. File a complaint there. No one has won anything and
Every lottery requires PAID SUBSCRIPTION to participate. To verify its authenticity call the US Patent office and get the number of the lottery.
this site is called online sweepstakes. this is free and fun to use. you have to register for a free membership. you put in all your info. check it over and make sure it is right.
It's not free, but for only $29/month, check out Wishpond Easy marketing apps We have a whole all-in-one marketing suite that's super easy to use. You can make all kinds of contests
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Free Lotto is the largest online lottery style sweepstakes website. It was started 1999 and has awarded many people in cash and prizes. To play, one needs to search ...
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