Free Lye Soap Recipe?


Lye soap is a cleaning element that has been used for many years. It has many purposes including scrubbing floods, bathing, washing clothing, and removing stains. There are many different free lye soap recipes that can be found online. A basic recipe calls for lye, cold water, and lard. Some great websites features lye soap recipes are Everyday Wisdom and Mother Earth News. There are ingredients that can be added to give the soap a different smell.
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1. Melt soap. Place soap in medium saucepan. Melt soap over low heat until completely liquid. 2. Add fragrance. Place 1/2 cup roughly chopped fresh herbs, 1/3 cup fresh flower petals
For this recipe, you will simply need exactly 2 lbs of lard, 4.4 oz of lye, and .
Most body soaps in the market today are advertised as skin friendly and gentle. Most soap, however, still make use of lye. Lye is a highly caustic chemical compound that can cause
If you want to make soap without using lye then you can use Melt and Pour Soap base. You melt it, add cosmetics color and fragrance and pour into a mold. If you want to make Cold
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Most soap is made with lye as well as other substances like calcium hydroxide and lime. One can make a more organic -free soap without lye using a household made ...
To make homemade soaps requires soap Coloring, soap fragrance and soap molds, dilute 12 oz. lye in 32 oz. softened water in a plastic or glass bowl. Add the lye ...
Saponification is the process of creating soap. Traditionally this process involves the hydrolysis of fatty acid, usually from lye and fats. The process produces ...
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