How can I get free Net10 airtime cards?


There is no way to get free NET10 airtime cards. To make calls, send text messages and browse the Web on a NET10 prepaid phone, it's necessary to purchase an airtime card.

NET10 airtime cards can be purchased at a variety of retail stores. While an airtime card can only be used for one phone, it's possible for an individual to purchase a card for another person, provided that the purchase is made at a retail store. Occasionally, it may be possible to find a good deal on a NET10 airtime card at online sites, such as eBay or Amazon.

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1. Activate the cell phone at the Net10 website or call 1-877-836-2368. You will be prompted for your personal information and the serial number of your cell phone. The serial number
The Code To Get Free Airtime Minutes Is:546782574562356 And The Promo Code Is
Sorry, no such thing. Only Net10s sister service Tracfone has any promo codes/free minutes available.
Net 10 is a prepaid cell phone provider that issues free airtime with the purchase of a Net 10 phone. Net 10 also issues free minutes to existing users who upgrade their cell phones
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Est. Price: $15
Inexpensive pay-as-you-go plans
, Wide selection of phones
Customer service complaints
, Texts deduct from minute total on pay-as-you-go plans
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