How to Test My Office and Clerical Skills?


You can find free office skills tests from some employment agencies, temp agencies, and government institutions. These tests look for basic logic and critical thinking abilities and can also cover specific skills such as using common software for word documents and spreadsheets. You can prepare for these tests before going to an agency so that you can be better positioned for desirable office work.
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Instructions. Test your typing speed. This is a great place to start since it is a universal skill and there are many free and fast testing options online. Test your data entry skills
There can be many words as per various professions. A simple word can be Employment-test.
I'll jump in! I work with the team at Smarterer ( Skill Tests - Smarterer. a skill assessment platform that provides over 900 crowdsourced tests to quantify any skill in minutes.
You can find free office certifications at Brainbench. Source(s) Representing
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