Where can I find a free English to Amharic translation?


A free English-to-Amharic translation service is available at the AmharicDictionary website sponsored by SelamSoft Inc. There is the option to input words in either English or Amharic and to translate them back and forth.

As with most online translation sites, individually translating words from one language to another may not result in a cohesive written passage, as context is sometimes lost during the translation process. Additional free online English to Amharic translation resources are available online with Babylon Translation Software. This site allows individual word translation, passage translation and free downloadable software to enable translation processing even when not connected to the Internet.

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I'm thinking your looking for free ones. I use. www.amharicdictionary.com. It doesn't cover all the words aa much as you would like, but I can say it fairly covers the basics. It
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