Where can I read free online romance novels?


There are thousands of free online romance novels available on the Internet. They can even be found on Amazons website and other websites that specialize in books. Many writers will publish their book for free online so that they can get more readers. Most of the books can be read online or easily downloaded to an e-reader. Some of the e-readers that are most common are the Kindle brand and Nook brand. There are also applications available for Kindle and Nook that allow you to read free online romance books.
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1. Go to the Free Online Novels website (see Resources). Scroll down and click on the "Romance" link under Novels by Genre. 2. Choose which romance novel you would like
You can read romance novels for free legally if the author posts their novel online or the copyright has expired. The sites that have free romance novels are located under the related
A really cool site for teen romance novels
Free e-Books As far as I'm aware, all these links are free, if you discover any that are not, then please let me know and I will remove them from the list. There are 19,000 free ebooks
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How to Read Free Online Romance Novels
For those who find it hard to read the small text of a printed book or have trouble finding time to make it to the book store or library, it is possible to read romance novels online for free. A majority of these authors have published their work... More »
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