How to Get Free Tracfone Minutes?


Sometimes Tracfone will offer free minutes through government programs for very poor individuals. You shouldn't be able to get free online Tracfone minutes, but even if you need to buy some they are affordable. Pay as you go phones are a good option for the poor to still be able to use mobile phone technology.
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Instructions. Load the TracFone homepage at Click the "Activate Phone, Buy or Add Airtime" button, located on the right side of the page. Highlight the "
One can earn free tracfone minutes by doing tasks for tracfone. These tasks can involve completing surveys or doing research for tracfone and getting paid with tracfone minutes.
The only way to get free Tracfone minutes is through your workplace, usually in
after you've filled out all the information, then after like 10 minutes u get a txt saying that its in ur fone
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