How to Transfer a Pattern Using Piecing Paper?


In order to transfer a pattern using piercing paper, you simply have to outline the piercing paper with the use of the pattern. Remember to line your pattern carefully to avoid the paper from looking a bit off. Remember that your pattern also has to look perfect.
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1. Lay the piece of piecing paper on a hard surface. Place a layer of carbon or graphite paper on top of the piecing paper with the carbon side down. 2. Place the original piecing
This daisy paper piecing template is ideal for using to create embellishments for handmade cards, scrapbook pages and other paper crafting projects. For more information about paper
Yes, all pattern peices are printed on a single sheet of paper and the user has to cut them apart before pinning to the fabric. Most new patterns are supplied this way (although a
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Paper Piecing Tutorial
Paper piecing is a quilting technique that allows a quilter to easily create elaborate designs. The quilter creates a pattern for a block on a paper foundation and sews the fabric directly onto the paper pattern. Each section of the pattern is numbered... More »
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