How to Knit a 36x36 Lap Robe?


You can find free patterns for knitted lap robes online at several different knitting websites. You can also find patters for a 36x36 lap robe at your local library. You can purchase patterns and yarn at your local craft store.
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1. Choose a yarn. To create a lap robe, you can pretty much use any color or weight of yarn. If you're making the lap robe as a gift, choose the recipient's favorite color. Consider
Join a free online knitting and crochet community at a web site called ravelry There are HUNDREDS of free patterns here. You can flag your favorites for future printing. I do suggest
Often the hardest part of knitting is finding new patterns. Pattern books can be expensive, and it's even worse when you buy an entire book and only end up using 1 or 2 patterns in
You can download Anna Hrachovec's pattern for chicks here:…. Note that the teeny-tiny objects are knit with fingering-weight (Category
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