Where can I find a free printable mileage log sheet?


The small business website Basic Accounting Help offers free printable mileage log sheets at BasicAccountingHelp.com. Two forms are offered: a basic mileage document and an Excel spreadsheet.

Both forms contain columns for date, starting mileage, ending mileage, destination, purpose and total miles driven. Logs are used by schools and companies to track the use of private vehicles for business purposes in order to reimburse employees. Some small businesses also need to record the use of vehicles for income tax purposes. The Internal Revenue Service has strict requirements in the way mileage must be explained, so keeping an on-going, accurate and complete record of miles traveled makes it more likely to receive approval for deductions.

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As of February 2013 there are a few places where one can find free printable log sheets. These log sheets can be found at Geo Caching Stuff, Business Form Template ...
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