Free Printable Prom Invitations?


Prom invitations invite guests to prom events or after-party events. The content and look of invitation will depend on the theme of the prom itself or the theme of the after-party (some people prefer to have the after-party theme in sync with the prom theme). Either way, there exist various websites offer free printable prom invitations. Examples of websites include,, and .
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1. Obtain a printable invitation template that is compatible with the word processing program installed in your computer. Visit the program software's site or a reputable template
One can find printable invitations for free online on Vista Print. This company allows you to create invitations for free for 7 days. So it is pretty much like a free trial.
I suggest you make them at at a online digital scrapbooking, collage, card making site. Invitations would be free for screen quality. However, the
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Prom 2013
There’s a lot to consider when you’re getting ready for prom. Your hair, your makeup, whether you want to take a date… ah! Here’s a handy prom checklist that will make the preparations super easy.
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