Constitutional Isomers of C3h8o?


There are a total of three constitutional isomers available for C3H8O. This is a common organic compound. One of the most common forms  of a compound that has this constitutional formula is propanol.
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Three. 1) 1-propanol H-O-CH2-CH2-CH3. 2) 2-propanol H3-C-CHOH-CH3. 3) methyl ethyl ether H3-CH2-CH2-O-CH3.
There are 3 constitutional isomers in the molecule
There will be several chemical compounds with that empirical formula. Each compound will have one or more isomers. Without knowledge of the particular molecular formula you are asking
1. Write out the structural formulas for the two molecules you think may be constitutional isomers. Draw the symbol for each atom, using the one- or two-letter abbreviation for that
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C3H8O is the chemical formula for methoxyethane. It is also known as ethyl methyl ether. There are two possible isomers for it. They are 1-propanol H-O-CH2-CH2 ...
It appears that there are three: methoxyethane, 1-propanol, and 2-propanol. Apparently, according to an article by Crow, Gross, and Bursey, there's an additional ...
A constitutional isomer is a compound that bears the same molecular formula but different connectivity. This means that it is composed of the same atoms but has ...
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