Free Ringtones Sent Straight to Your Phone?


You can get free ringtones sent straight to your phone by using a service like Myxer. The site allows users to create their own ringtones using MP3 files. The ringtone is then sent to the phone via image message.
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Sites like Ventones (follow link) will give you free
It would probably work better if you had a internet connection to sort through the free sights that are available. Next you should click on a site and check the ringtones that the
1 Give yourself Audacity for Windows and the LAME MP3 encoder. Ad 2 Open your legal MP3 with Audacity 3 Trim it down to the section you want as 100% FREE. upload an mp3 file or an image file. crop it online with their free step by step page. they text it to your phone.
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There are various websites online that you can get ring tones from. Find an online website and choose the ring tone that you would like. Fill out the information ...
1. Check your phone to make sure it can download ringtones from the Internet. Many phones are capable of doing this, but not all are. Your manual should tell you ...
If your cell phone has web browsing on it, you can browse ring tone websites and download them automatically to your phone. If you don't have web browsing, you ...
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