Free Slouch Hat Pattern?


A slouch hat can be worn by a man or woman. Crocheting is common, and a crochet hook and yarn is used. A slouch hat pattern for crochet, typically calls for double and single crochets.
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1. Crochet a 4 stitch chain with the K hook. Slip stitch the chain ends to join and make a circle. 2. Make 12 double crochets in the ring for Row 1. Slip stitch to join the first
it's one of those over-sized beanies with a loose knit. my friend lost hers and can't find a new one. just found somebody that knows how how to knit well but said they need a
Please note that the following patterns are at other sites on the Internet (they are not my patterns, they were designed by other people and are at other web sites, not affiliated
Visit. This is a long list of links to free knit hat patterns. Some of them may not be made on circular needles, but a lot of
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