Where can you send a free SMS from a pc to a mobile phone?


There are several applications and programs that allow a user to send free SMS from the PC to a mobile phone. SMS messaging stands for Short Message Service, often referred to as a text message. These types of programs allow a person to enter a mobile phone number and enter the SMS message. There are often places where the sender can leave an email address so that the person receiving the SMS on their mobile can reply back.
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1. Download an SMS transfer software to your PC. Visit online SMS transfer service providers like GodswMobile SMS Transfer or MyMobile SMS Transfer from your PC and click the "
You'll probably need internet to do so, only PC is not enough. Check this site http://www.afreesms.com/freesms/ . You'll be able to send SMS worldwide.
as far as i know this cant happen since when you send sms you send it through smsc and i don't think that hotmail has any agreement with any smsc. you can use http://www.wadja.com
1 Download GodswMobile SMS Transfer and Install it. Ad 2 Backup and Transfer. Select the “SMSTransfer” in your mobile programs list to run it. Then click on "Backup
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