How to Make Stained Glass Christmas Ornaments?


As of January 2013 there are a few places where one can find free stained glass Christmas ornament patterns. These patterns can be found at Free Patterns for Stained Glass, PDQ Patterns, Apline Glass, and Stained Glass. One can also find patterns at local hobby stores.
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1. Decide what will be included on each Christmas ornament to be made. It might be a simple Christmas design, like an angel or more complicated, like the nativity. Also decide if
Stained glass Christmas ornaments can be purchased at a variety of retail locations and online sites. Walmart, Target, Michaels, AC Moore, and Amazon, for example, each sell this
Painting a faux stained glass Christmas ornament is really easy. All you need are a few basic glass-painting supplies, a 'blank' glass bauble (ball ornament), and a printout of the…. Click on the left hand links for more patterns with beads. Source(s)
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There are a couple places where one can find stained glass Christmas patterns. These patterns can be found online at locations such as Free Patterns for Stained ...
1. Preheat your oven to 325 degrees farenheit. 2. Get out a baking sheet, metal cookie cutters (with open tops and bottoms) or jar lids. Line with aluminum foil ...
To paint a glass Christmas ornament you will need an ornament, a paint brush, and acrylic paints. Take the brush, dip it in the paint you want to use, and then ...
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