Free Stuff for Deployed Soldiers?


There are many organizations that give free stuff if you are a deployed soldier. Some of these are Operation Homelink, Operation Shoebox, Treat the Troops, Blue Star Moms, and Operation Hero Miles.
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1. Have your soldier get. the internet. in their living quarters when available. Many of the FOBs in Iraq and Afghanistan have internet available for soldiers in their living spaces
Because their mind is somewhere else. There is a lot of separation aside from physical. Your times are off, nothing is really constant for awhile. Be honest with them, when you are
She should be given a packing list, with mandatory as well as recommendd items to include. There is only so much that can fit into two duffles and a carry-on, so she will need to
I receive many questions about Internet access for deployed soldiers to Afghanistan and Iraq and hope this information will be a help. Keep in mind your soldiers should always find
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The adopt a soldier program is a way for supportive Americans to communicate with soldiers deployed overseas. This organization is staffed completely by volunteers ...
To adopt a deployed soldier you can visit the Adopt A US Soldier website. From there you can click on the Adopt A Soldier tab which takes you to the adopt main ...
A deployed solider is a person who is deployed into active duty. This solider often works on the front lines and goes into battle. The war in Iraq has been ongoing ...
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