How can I get free stuff on Stardoll?


A person can get free stuff on StarDoll by entering contests. A person must qualify by living in a specific country or being a specific age. The contest rules will be listed alongside the item.
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1 Join clubs that have cheats for free stuff. 2 Join competitions either in peoples suites or clubs. 3 Go to Contests and Events, and enter a competition. Most of them give you something
If yhu go onto. they have alot of 'cheats' for stardoll. Don't use any of the one's on stardoll because they don't work. p.s. add me as a friend x Miss.x.Scotland
hi i know the perfect site for you where you can earn allot of prizes by only doing surveys and more you can earn a star-doll 10$ card very quickly. see you at :
1. Navigate to the "Stardoll" website and log in to your account. 2. Select the "Starplaza" shops. 3. Select an item you wish to buy. You will see a number next
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