How does one give a welcome speech?


When delivering a welcome speech, you must keep in mind the tone of the occasion. Consider whether the event is a somber or joyous occasion and tailor your opening remarks around that. Ask yourself why the group has gathered, and tailor the rest of your speech around your answer. First greet the crowd warmly, introduce yourself, cite your connection to the host, or list your professional qualifications if it is a business event.

Reiterate why the group has gathered and deliver any pertinent announcements. Many speakers like to set the tone of the occasion by telling a joke or an amusing anecdote. It is good to be genuine and authentic, but avoid lengthy speeches, and remember to maintain a positive tone. If there are any special guests, be sure to include a special message about that individual in your opening remarks. While you are giving your welcome speech, remember to smile and make eye contact with the crowd. To appear confident, do not read directly from your notes. Do not speak too quickly, and remember to maintain an even volume. Avoid dense language, rambling and profanity. When you are closing your remarks, be sure to thank the host and the audience.

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A welcome speech should be brief and to the point. If you are welcoming people to your event, then you want to make them feel comfortable and say things that will put them at ease.
1. Know the occasion. Thank everyone for attending the special event: women's or men's day, baptism, dedication, church conference or convention, youth rally, etc. Provide a very
Speeches such as a welcome speech should be written by the person giving it. It should be sincere and from the heart. Look, people have an irrational fear of public speaking, but
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