Where can I find free White Pages phone numbers?


White pages are provided to citizens for free through local phone books in the United States. They can also be looked up on several websites throughout the Internet. White pages provide residential information such as addresses and phone numbers.
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1. Open the phone book to the section for the first letter of the person's last name. Phone books are arranged alphabetically by last name, i.e. names beginning with "A"
The telephone number for free white pages is 800-FREE411 (800-373-3411)
I think it is because it is labor intensive looking it up and they want to make money.
Free Phone number is mostly given by a provider to its subscriber. When you are calling using the toll free number, you are free of charge.The called party will carry all the charges
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White Pages Search
First Last Zip or Postal Code
How to find a number in the white pages is by searching for last name. Entries will be listed in alphabetical order by last name.
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