How do you get free Xbox Live gold codes?


There are numerous websites that claim to 'generate' free Xbox Live Gold Codes that they will then share with you. It is best to be very weary of these websites. The owners of these sites claim to have discovered secret 'methods' for getting these codes. A good rule of thumb is that if you can't be told the method, you shouldn't trust the result. There are plenty of legitimate websites that offer free codes in exchange for completing surveys, or other similar offers. Stick to those sites for your free Xbox codes.
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1. Plug a network cable into the network port on the Xbox 360 game console. Plug the other end into your modem or home network router. 2. Alternatively, plug an Xbox 360 wireless
To get free Xbox Live Gold Codes go to the following website and follow the
You have to purchase one either directly from Microsoft or from a Game store etc. Whatever you do don't be tempted to put your email address into a website as they'll take your Gamertag
Not even worth asking. Buy a game and you usually get a code or buy your subscription.
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