How to Freeze Shredded Coconut?


Freezing coconut starts with a fresh coconut that you crack and remove the coconut meat. With the use of a hand grater you can take and grade the coconut meat. Place the grated coconut in a freezer bag insuring you remove all the air possible.
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1. Place freshly shredded coconut in a zipped top freezer bag. 2. Push as much air out of the bag as possible. If possible, use a freezer bag that allows you to vacuum-seal the bag.
Freezing point of coconut oil. is 25.1 deg. C which means that it is always liquid inside the human body.
Coconut rum freezes easily because it has a lower proof than say Bacardi 151. The lower
Coconut oil has got some natural tendency to freeze at a low temp. So if it freezes in winter season, it confirms it purity. Coconut oil has the freezing point of 25.1 deg. C
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