Freezing Point of Hydrogen?


Hydrogen freezes at approximately 259.14 C. In Fahrenheit, this is equal to 434.45 F. This is also sometimes expressed as 14.01 K.
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Hydrogen: Melting point 14.01 K, -259.14 °C, -434.45 °F. Boiling point 20.28 K, -252.87 °C, -423.17 °F.
The freezing point of Hydrogen at 1atm is -434.5 degrees F! Can you imagine
The melting point of hydrogen, (H), with the atomic number of 1, is -434.45203 degrees Fahrenheit which is -259.14 degrees Celsius. The boiling point of hydrogen is -423.166 Fahrenheit
Hydrogen is colorless as a liquid. Its vapors are colorless, odorless, tasteless, and highly flammable. Liquid hydrogen is non-corrosive. Special materials of construction are not
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Liquid hydrogen is a colorless fluid with a molecular formula of H2 and very low freezing and boiling points: '434.45 degrees Fahrenheit for the former, and '423.17 ...
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