Freezing Tomato Juice?


If you grow your own tomatoes you may struggle to use them all before they spoil. A great way to use up those extra tomatoes is to make your own homemade tomato juice and freeze for later use in recipes. The best storage container for freezing tomato juice is a glass jar with a tight fitting lid. Make sure you leave an inch of space in the jar to allow for the expansion that occurs during freezing. If you do not leave enough space, the expanding tomato juice will cause the glass jar to break.
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Wash the tomatoes to remove any dirt or chemicals. Using the knife, remove the top of the tomato and any remaining pieces of stem. I usually use the knife to dig into the top of the
First you need to extract the tomato juice by crushing the tomatoes. Heat up the juice and pour it into a jar. Use a canning pressurizer to seal the jar and then let it cool.
1 Start with fresh tomatoes. Fresh, ripe tomatoes will produce fresh juice. Fresh tomato juice will last longer than overripe juice that has already begun to spoil. Moreover, overripe
Rate This Answer. . Tomato juice is said to have been served first in 1917 by noted chef Louis Perrin at the French Lick Springs Hotel in southern Indiana when he ran out of orange
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One can freeze tomato juice in glass jars by placing the glass jars filled with juice into the freezer. However, they should not fill the jars all the way to the ...
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