French Female Names?


There are many common French female names. Some of them include Adrienne, Aimee, Andree and Colette. Others include Diane, Elise, Gabrielle, Martine, Simone and many more.
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Some French female names are Alienor, Angelique, Benedictine, Camil...
la seule survivante.
1. Read the French first name in question, paying attention to any accented letters. Many French first names use the common sharp accent: a rightward, upward slant often used to accent
Amelie Adeleine Adele Elise Rosalie Marie Antoinette Chantal Caroline Aimee Genevieve Angelique Monique Marianne Helene Michelle Claudine Lydie Celine Jeanne Jeanette Renee Veronique
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