How harmful is R-134A or freon on the skin?


R-134A or Freon is harmful in the skin as it can cause irritation and frostbite. When Freon touches your skin, the best thing to do is flush it with continuous flowing water for at least fifteen minutes. If symptoms of frostbite are present, take a bath immediately using lukewarm water.
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Freons generally have a low order of toxicity. However, exposure to relatively high. concentrations (100 ppm) may produce adverse effects on health. Possible exposure routes. include
R-22 is an excellent refrigerant, if it's released in the atmospher...
not harmful unless your inhaleing it directly from the fridge .its more harmful to the atmosphere then you. Source(s) husband is a appliance tech.
CFC's from Freon are catalysts that break ozone (O3) down to O2 and O. Not much UV blocking from these two that are left.
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Yes, if the vapor is inhaled in a bad ventilated house it can be harmful. Freon gas can cause heart irregularities and in some cases even death. ...
The use of an A/C manifold gauge set should be done with caution to insure no leakage of freon into the environment and to lessen any chances of harm to yourself ...
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