Frequency of Red Light?


The frequency for red light varies slightly with the output and wave length. On average, the frequency is 4 x 1014 hz. You can find the frequency of a color of light by using a specific formula.
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So when we look at something that is medium red about 448,000,000,000,000 tiny
Blue. See this link: Hope this helps!
it ranges from 3.84x10^14 Hertz and 4.82x10^14 Hertz. When you go a little higher it's orange, and lower starts to bring you into the infrared region which is undetectable to the
1. Note the fundamental physical constants needed for frequency calculations: Speed of light (c) =299,792,458 m/s. Planck constant (h) = 4.13566733E?15 eV s (1E-15 denotes “
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