Frequency of Red Light?


The frequency for red light varies slightly with the output and wave length. On average, the frequency is 4 x 1014 hz. You can find the frequency of a color of light by using a specific formula.
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Traffic lights are set by the city based on the amount of traffic at any given
Red light is at the "low frequency" end of the spectrum of visible light. The reason it is there is because the other colors have higher frequencies. Or, said another way,
it ranges from 3.84x10^14 Hertz and 4.82x10^14 Hertz. When you go a little higher it's orange, and lower starts to bring you into the infrared region which is undetectable to the
1. Find a light to analyze - for example, the red light of a stop signal. 2. Look up the color of the light in a chart of spectral colors (see Resources) and find its wavelength in
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