Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior?


Sophomore, junior and senior, these are classification of different levels of education. To be in sophomore, you require 30-59 credit hours, juniors requires 60-89 credit hours and seniors require 90 and above credit hours of study in universities.
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In a four year High School there are the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades also known respectively as freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years. The rank starts again in a four year
Freshman is 9th grade in high school, sophomore is 10th grade in hi...
Freshman - first year (grade 9 in high school) - meaning a novice or beginner. Sophomore - second year - meaning a wise fool - someone who thinks they know more than they do. Junior
The designation of undergraduate education in high school called freshman, sophomore, junior and senior dates back its origins to Cambridge University, England. Freshman. during the
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The stages at which students go through in high school are known as freshman, sophomore, junior and senior. The ages may vary but they all follow each other all ...
Seniors are those that are in their last year of higher education. This can pertain to high school or college. Freshmen, juniors and sophomores are in their first ...
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