Freshwater Biome Food Chain?


At the bottom of the freshwater biome food chain you have the micro organisms, decaying organic matter, and phytoplankton. Directly above them, you have the Stonefly, Midge, Mayfly, and Caddis. Continuing up the food chain, you have small fish, large fish, and an eel. The top of the freshwater biome food chain has the duck and heron. The duck eats the Caddis and Midge. The Heron eats the small and large fish but does not eat the eel.
Q&A Related to "Freshwater Biome Food Chain?"
1. Identify the organisms in a biome, for example, an Antarctic marine biome. Simplified: light and nutrients, bacteria, phytoplankton, macroalgae (seaweed) zooplankton, copepods,
penguin eats fish, leopard seal eats penguin, polar bear eats leopard seal, polar bear eats arctic fox, polar bear arctic wolf, human eats arctic fox, arctic wolf, and polar bear,
I couldn't find a food chain that was already made, but
grass- grasshoper, grasshoper - frog , frog-snake,snake-eagle. eagle-bacteria all humaus by the action of bacteria.
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