Friction Experiments?


You can do a friction experiment with a rubber band, a shoe, and a ruler. A scientist that studies friction is called a tribologist. A tribologist divides friction into kinetic and static friction. Static friction is the friction that can stop an object from sliding down a sloped surface. Kinetic friction is when two objects rub together or are moving relative to each other. A sled on the the ground is a type of kinetic friction.
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1. Fill the bowl half way with water. Put the smooth ball into the water and give it a spin. Discuss and record your observation. 2. Put the tennis ball into the water and give it
Ok I think that the answer would either be simple machine or compound machine but I'd double check first.
well define kinetic and static friction first. n then use different materials to put on a ramp and lift it at incriments of 3 degrees. and test it multiple times. it'll take awhile
When a force of 300 N is applied to an object that experiences 200 N of friction what will be the net force that causes
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