How Friction Is Applied to Stop a Car?


Friction is applied to stop a car when the brake pedal is depressed and the brake pads come in contact with the brake drum causing friction that stops the wheels from turning. Road friction also plays a part in this stopping action.
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Car wheels have ceramic or cast iron discs mounted directly onto the wheel or the axle. These solid discs sandwich the wheel when a driver applies pressure to the brake pedal in an
metal to metal. worn out brakes, bad oil pressure.
Hello kathleen, You could do both of these with kinematic equations. But I appreciate you gave "work and energy" as the subject. So, by the principle of conservation of
The friction point can be felt with the car starts moving,
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Friction can be very useful in many situations. It helps in car and plane brakes by providing traction, walking on wet surfaces and also on bike brakes. Friction ...
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Friction is bad because it wears out surfaces like in a car engine and wheel axle if you do not put oil friction will slow down the car and wear out the metal. ...
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