How do you lift the range on a Frigidaire gas oven?


A Frigidaire gas range is a home appliance used for cooking. How to lift the range on a Frigidaire gas oven; first remove the grates, burner caps and the burners from the range. Then remove the mounted screws on top of the range. Disengage the mounting clip from the range using a knife. Once it is disengaged, pull out the range top and then use the support rod to hold properly in its service position.
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Frigidaire maintains a customer support website that includes detailed product information on every gas range they currently manufacture. Within the Frigidaire customer support link
You may contact Frigidaire, P.O. Box 212378, Martinez,
im guessing your asking how to light one, first if your not sure then dont try, get someone who knows to do it. Dont blow yourself and others up. follow the gas line to the pilot
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