Frog's External Nares?


What is the function of a frog's external nares? Frogs are mouth breathers and utilize their internal nares to breathe when out of the water. The external nares are used when the frog is immersed in water. A frog's anatomy is designed so they can swim with just their external breathing points outside of the water.
Q&A Related to "Frog's External Nares?"
When the frog is swimming, its can breath by only putting the tip of its nose out of the water. Uses it to breath
Frogs go into the water but need oxygen. So when they do go into the water
How Frogs Breathe. A frog controls its breathing by pulsating its throat, and it always breathes with its mouth closed. The movements made by the throat pull oxygen into its body
Buccopharyngeal cavity.
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