Frog Skeletal System?


The frog skeletal system is used to move the body, support the body, and protect vital organs of the frog. There are two regions of the frog skeleton, the axial skeletal system and the appendicular system. Parts of the axial skeleton include the sternum, vertebral column, and skull. The appendicular system includes the forelimbs, pelvic girdle, hind limbs, and pectoral girdle. The bones of a frog skeletal system are similar to those of humans and have the same names.
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1. Turn the paper horizontally. Place the picture of the frog skeletal system next to the paper. This will be your guide. 2. Draw a semicircle on the right side of the paper. The
Well the frog is a vertebrate so therfore it has a endoskeleton which means it has a skeleton in the inside.
The most dramatic difference between frogs and humans is that frogs
The skeletal system is the entire group of bones in an animal. The human skeletal system is comprised of 206 bones. When you are born you have 300 bones. Some of them connect later,
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Labelled diagrams of the frog skeletal system make it easier for students to learn the vital structures of a frogs body. You can find a diagram of the frog's skeletal ...
You need to study frog anatomy in order to draw the skeletal system of a frog. Pictures to copy can be found on photo sharing sites such as Flickr. ...
glenoid fossa is actually a cavity on shoulder bone to which articulates( kind of fits or joints) the bone of upper arm of forelimb of frog. ...
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