Frog Trachea?


The trachea of a frog is used to transport air. The frog's trachea connects glottis and the alveoli. The alveoli is where air is stored for a period of time. It is stored for as long as it takes the oxygen to be absorbed. The glottis in the frog's mouth is used for making sound and for breathing. The trachea goes from the glottis down to the alveoli. Tadpoles are able to breath through their skin.
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The trachea (windpipe) carries air to and from the lungs. It keeps dust and other
Same thing yours does: transports air from the pharynx to the lungs.
It most likely helps a frog breathe because the do not have gills when they are grown!
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A Frog's glottis is the opening to the creature's trachea, which is another name for windpipe. This is the opening to the larynx, not the middle ...
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