Front End Loader For Garden Tractor?


It will cost up to $1,200 to build your own front end loader for your garden tractor. The loader needs two gallons per minute hydraulic flow and 750 PSI. The loader can lift 500 pounds of weight, or more if your tractor is heavy enough. You will not need any specialty equipment to build one, but you will need many tools. The front end loader can be attached to any tractor that can support its weight.
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1. Place the ballast box on a large flat surface outdoors. 2. Drive the garden tractor slowly forward until it is against the ballast box. Make sure all hitch points are lined up.
Ford Model 70.
Read, understand, and follow instructions in the manufacturer's operating manual and safety decals on the loader. Check what rear weights the equipment manufacturer recommends to
What kind of tractor? Are you building or repairing? If you are trying to repair you need to search using the name of the tractor and the word schematic not blue print.
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