How do you diagnose front seal problems with automatic transmissions?


The front transmission seal may often wear out around the 100,000 mile zone in your automobile. The front transmission seal will need to be replaced whenever the transmission is rebuilt, overhauled or replaced. Parts may be ordered directly through the dealership or in a parts shop specializing in older, but functional cars with ten years or more wear and tear.
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1. Raise the front of the car to begin the repair process with the use of a car jack. To do this, slide the jack under the differential and lift the vehicle off the ground. Unlock
The front seal on your automatic transmission would be between the torque converter and the front pump of the transmission. The transmission would have to be removed along with the
You will need to remove the transmission and then the torque converter to replace the seal. report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at 08:19AM EST. Source:
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